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My Approach

Through each stage of your project, my process is guided by the twin tenets of producing high-end work without breaking the bank, and balancing form with function.


In the event that your project requires a general contractor or additional subcontractors, I'm happy to offer recommendations and work with them directly; remodels can be a bit daunting and my mentality is that the less phone numbers you need to remember, the better.

Initial Ideas

This is the fun part. The goal here is getting a sense of your goals for the project. Pinterest, Instagram, pictures from the homes of friends and family; these are all great place to start when considering your ideal end product. This stage includes:

- An in-person consultation, where we walk the space and get a sense of what the project entails.

- Looking through inspiration photos.

- Honing in on which functional concerns are priorities.

- Offering a ballpark estimate and timeline.


Functionality, aesthetic preferences, budget concerns, and scheduling are translated into a cohesive plan. This stage includes:

- Establishing whether a general contractor should be involved.

- Recommending additional subcontractors where needed and bringing them up to speed.

- Final shop drawings for review and approval.

- A detailed list of wood choice, paint color, and hardware preferences.

- A final estimate, followed by a downpayment and expected timeline.


I favor building a single job at a time from start to finish. Sustained focus keeps any details from being overlooked and keeps your project on schedule. This stage includes:

- Material orders.

- Fabrication.

- Progress updates at every segment of the build.

- Painting and finishing.


We're in the home stretch. I transport and install my cabinets personally so nothing is lost in translation between builder and installer. This stage includes:


- Prepping the space for install.

- Transport to your home.

- Installation of the piece(s)

- On-site touchup.

- Final payment on completion.  

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